The Art: I have been painting since I was in elementary school, when art in education was still a priority. As the choices for a career started to develop I opted for a more technical path. I have stepped away from art for years at a time but I always come back. In the words of a dear friend of mine, I “think with both sides of my brain.” The technology advancements and trends in multimedia have allowed me to merge the two disciplines. I am excited by the developments in emerging technology but I still enjoy the simplicity in a well-done pen and ink drawing.

This site is dedicated to the traditional art projects over the last several years. Each piece is an exploration of the subject, the color, the texture and what I can do in that media. If I really have to make an artist’s statement about the journey it would focus on the emotion in each composition. This was the motivation for the “Hat Series.” Many of the subjects in this series were musicians who sport a hat as more than just a fashion statement. The hats are anchor points in their movement, a part of their narrative. It is often an incredibly emotional tone that compliments their music.

The Pallette: I am always drawn to an "Old Masters" pallete but I have a deep appreciation for the compelling meaning and our reaction to color. I am always looking for a new way to set the tone of a website or make a painting more interesting by way of color.

The Work: I enjoy creating websites and custom marketing plans for small to medium businesses. A properly built website is a great start whether it is a very basic billboard or a high-end custom shopping cart. It is the right starting point but I call it the foundation of the marketing plan. Future customers will not find it if it isn't promoted properly.

The Philosophy and Dogs: In this fast-paced, high-tech world we can spend too much time working. The dogs are my constant reminder that life should be balanced and it is important to just laugh as much as possible. And there is nothing like a seventy five pound dog pawing at my arm to remind me to get up from that keyboard and take a walk!


Favorite Links

  • A constant moving target.

Current Projects

  • Online marketing for small, high-tech businesses.
  • Teaching at UCSC Extension
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Wordpress
  • Making easy sites for artists.
  • That painting I haven't finished...

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